Flower Fantasy – 2nd Floor

The theme for this room was inspired by the view of the garden, as well as the room’s floral design. It is decorated in soft blue, yellow and florals and has a brass queen bed and ensuite 4-piece bathroom.





Judges Chambers – 2nd Floor

Pink, burgundy and soft green colours make this a truly warm inviting room. The room is named after Judge Harry Jonah, who lived in the house as a boy. The largest of the bedrooms on the second floor, this room has a queen size bed and ensuite 3-piece bathroom.

2C-2 new            2C-3            2C-4

African Adventure – 3rd Floor

The theme for this room was inspired by the Victorian’s love of all things African! Besides the African elements, we have tried to be true to the era in which the house was built. The room is therefore decorated in off-whites beiges and soft green. A King size bed, small electric fire place and ensuite 4-piece bathroom are the main features of this space.

Note: There are 2 sets of stairs to access this floor.

roomsbadafrica.jpg      Africa2

Victorian Charm – 2nd Floor

Decorated in whites and pastel colours, this cozy room has two single beds. The private 4-piece bathroom features an original claw foot bathtub. As well a couch and chair complete the sitting room off the private bath allowing for a peaceful area to read, or spend time with your electronic gadgets. PLEASE NOTE: The sitting room/four piece bath is across the hall from the bedroom, however it is completely private from the remaining rooms on that floor and is large. 


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